Happy New Month Of September.

This is my story

This is my songs

Praising my savior

All the day long.

It looks so brief face

Every morning and every night

They put on the face

With full laughs

Remode themselves with laughter

But sitting by the end of the sit

Cause you want some more

Show is over and he goes home

He take off his masks

Still leaving the presence of peoples

Is unbelievable

We are wear the mask on

The world is the stage now

Go on tell me

What it’s your story

Come on don’t be shy,

Tell me your stories.

Behind the mask of the clan

Lying trail on tear.

By The Lucky Dubey

Let me tell you how do we feel,

We feel highly

Do you feel as we do.

No man can hidden his feeling

For they are born of men,for they always try

Keep your hands high


some much trouble in the world

Always I see the Jah hands

Jah hands flows upon me……

Am already leaving Babylon and am heading to the Zion



Hoodlums Attack Government Worker At Owode-Ede.Osun State, Three Apprehend

The hoodlums attack the government agency when they are carried out their daily lawful duties at the owo-ede yesterday which lead to the Closured of the one popular market name according to the town,

Owode is a part of the town under Ede township and it was this town that the unfortunate incidents happened.

The cause of the incidents was as a result of the humiliation of the one woman that happen to be health officer why warning the market trader to shift their goods from the road to the appropriate side and this warning has not go down well with the guy(name withheld) and the next was to humiliated the woman saying if not the uniform as a matter of fact he will beat her.

The health woman reported the guy to her superior, which led to the search for the guy that hide himself somewhere but he was later discovered while on the run.

The enforcement officer under Acting Leadership of the Mr Adeshola Popoola was ran after him and was apprehended and hand over to the Nigeria law enforcement that already arranged by the agency.

Later the hoodlums been sponsored by the iyaloja ede was bombard the police with the aim to escape the the guy from the hand of police but its unfortunate they were not succeeded though they wound the one civil defense officer by head during this attack.

There the General Manager of the Osun Waste Management Agency, Sanitarians Henry Ogunbanwo,Mr Alesinloye,Mr Adegoke,Mrs Akinpelu,Mrs Omowumi,The Enforcement Coordinator Mr Adeshola Popoola,Co-cord Mr Hammed Lateef.O,The Health Officer,O’clean Marshall (the enforcement) with the host of other present at the market.

As a results, the three of the hoodlums were arrested yesterday and today they already been charged to the court at okefia awaiting for the judgement.

Whether game is right or wrong, life still good

(My experience so far as an enforcement in the life jungles,2015-2019)

When God almighty open the door of opportunity to his being,then everyone that grab it,the life got transformed.

2015 is the year that the door of opportunity to admitted and employed as enforcement staff by the government agency though its was on casual operation.

The enforcement was a units under government agency,headed by political appointed under the watch of the executive governor of the state.

The story is incomplete if the inaugurated of the units is failed to be mention and it was April 14,2011@ akirun palace

Now that I joined this units without undergoing any trained, all was after brief conversation with then the leaders of the unit and send us out to the world to make an impacts for the benefit of the units and of the government.

As a fresh and first timer,probably they units was in sort of staff that make them sending us out,the mystery remained unravel the the ravel period.

One out of five of us was assigned for the recorded and research job and that he must reported every daily activities and put it to the tables before him before his departure.

So he congratulated us to be among lucky peoples on earth the appointment letter is already at hand and with smiling we accept his word as a faithful speakers not known that only future will tell the proof of evidence and justify his word.

In the absence of equipment and training the son of man was send to the world that never know the latitude and longitude but later trained as they go.

Fewer weeks later with rugged works and the activities that permitted no other job as the our have been consumed units and every additional job has to be shifted to the weekend.

Nearly three month,still unpaid and I was asked to show up at the local government as requested by the current chairman (H.L.A),

The program was alright but it was wrongful plans by the leader,while salary should have paid to the staff account, its was paid by hand and still doing it till this moment.

Many chairman of the local government has taken it to far to the extent delay the salary, brag With enforcement staff.

This remains of the salaries secular,there was a letters back up the salary before paid and it was stated there that the approved monthly stipend was 15.000 naira,20.000 for the running cost,and local must provided ten peoples.

But before the payment even come to the limelight, 5.000 naira already subtracted from it and when asked,the answer to how 15.000 naira became 10.000 naira remains unknown till date and also 20.000 naira running cost was paid on papers, collected on paper and disappeared by the papers.

That was the situation we meet when we joined.

When I got to the local government, firstly I was appeared before the h.o.d then and he said he can’t hand the matter that only H.

The forgotten history but still fresh

The untold story a young man that arrived nothing yet but still full of bitterness,sorry,confrontation e.t.c in the journey of life.

There is nothing that make the sad life story special than others but better still tomorrow never die and die in another the hope paupers.

The event occurred at the somewhere in southwestern Nigeria.

The guy was born to the family,the compound, the community, the state ,the nation.

When he was birth and named after eight days in the poor city then,nurture and grow up before leaving the aliens land sojourned by his parents and moving down to the very poor town where predominantly hold by tomorrow is another story.

But in the beginning of beacon and what he was reckon with was the hungry side of life where feeding formula is oo1,not three square meal.

The stormed of 001 over the another stormed roll in its spake unfavorable tempest to the boat to the extent that he was nearly lost the paddles.. Since the life choices sometimes is to make every available on,not necessary good but all worst.

That was vivid choice the guy could make, since there is no others choice than worsening and finally got him self in a very nice paupers village.

It is incomplete and merely if man definition of his identity is failed to imbibed his down with hope uprising so called villages or town.

One morning, he meet himself at unfortunate villages with unfortunate peoples at unfortunate time with unfortunate mummy wagon boarding him down to the regrettable journey of life.

The guy became a slavery in the freedom nation all in the name of familihood.

There the destiny of the guy was changed and by he was still on the ocean of life beating by the stormed and still never cease

Any thing all thing every thing whether of good or bad of today and tomorrow still relevant as if it just happened hours ago.

Mercy Once More (02/06/2019)

From the January to June,come rain’s,come shine and with numerous events taking place from then and also till now.major event that happened from early this year till now.elections take its hold and why many is not lucky to be alive and among those that witness today might might not see tomorrow.

Therefore been among the living soul is not by anybody efforts but by the hand of Him that see us through by His grace and mercy and Love.

For everyone that known important how this is,let us appreciate God.

Will you forever more be more appreciate God?,if to me I will always thanks God