Happy Birth Date

It is good thing to either marked and celebrate the day we are all welcome to the world,therefore i congratulate and celebrate with Mr Akeem Olayiwola the gallant officer,

Felix Cumpleanos To You Sir

Long Live with many more years in progress,prosperity,rich,victory in Jesus Name Amen

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The Causes Of Herod’s Sin (Matthew 14:10)

Why did herod do this fearful thing? He feared john,nay he did more,he went to hear him preaching,he went to hear sermons and did many things because of them,they entered into his hear and mind where then was the flaw?

(1)He heard john but saw not saviour.

He was interested in the preacher,he was one of those characters who would always be interested with preaching but he never saw the saviour.

What is the end of all preaching? Only this-to bring men to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus

(2)He never gave his heart to God.

Another reason why he so entirely failed was that though he did many things,the one thing needful he never did,he never gave his heart to God.but there is one thing needfull for us all,for you and me- We Must Give Our Heart To Our Saviour.

(3)He would not give up his pet sin(which was lust).

The woman was an odious creature,hideous and odious morally.what did that matter?her daughter could dance;she dance his soul into hell.

The blood of the best man that ever lived was upon that man’s hand.and he lived to mock his saviour but to the man who had silenced the voice of john the saviour never uttered a word.

“You come to hear sermons,not only hear them,not only put into practice but give your heart to your saviour”



I even I am he that blotteth out thy transgression for mine own sake and will not remember thy sin.

There is one thing that God always does with sin,He removes it out of His presence-

(1)Consider the author of forgiveness

The expression I even I is not a very unfrequent one is Holy Scripture,but whenever it occurs whether in reference to justice or to mercy-it is the mark of the Almighty.

(2)The nature of forgiveness

(1)As to time

(2)As to degree

(3)As to continuiance

In the text the present swells out into the future,He blotteth out and will not remember

(3)The reason for forgiveness

Look back and find it in that eternal counsel wherein,before all woulds,God gave to His dear son a kingdom and a people,seek it in that unfathomable love in which He is the Father-the loving Father-of every creature He has made———–by Rev James Vaughan

Happy New Year

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The Acting General of the Osun Waste Management Agency,leading the teams of environmental staff,enforcement staff to the conducting environmental sanitation at the home town of the executive governor of in the state of osun,starting from the governor home boundaries to the his house.15/12/2018

We are doing this to let governor knew we are in support of the excellency said Acting General Manager in a brief interveiw grant by one of the chief spake on behave of the royal highness at Aragbiji palace


As we consider the great virtue of humility,we must remember whence it springs,it is just one of those virtues which seem to have a special date,and that special date belongs to Christ

There were such very different opinions in the world in the period of b.c and in the period a.d.

Christianity has been a great leavener of the world;yet today oftentimes humility is rather despised than lifted up.

It is not always that we are inclined to preach humility;and why is this?

To continue

What Is Wisdom-(James 1:5)

This is one of the many beautifully practical thoughts which fill and characterise St James.

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is not knowledge,though it involves knowledge,for the most learned persons are often the least wise.

Wisdom is the right use of knowledge.

Or take it thus,wisdom os that union of the heart and head when right affections guide the exercise of talent.

Or wisdom is power to balance materials of good thought.

It is the ability to direct intelligently and usefully the words we speak or the acts we do

Or a step higher still,Wisdom is yhe reflection of the mind of God.therefore Christ is wisdom and the most Christ-like is the most wise.if you wish to understand wisdom’,study Christ.