Happy New Year (Check out if this sins is not manifest in your life)

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God(Roman 3:23)

For the wages of sin is death;but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Roman 6:23)

But God commendeth his love toward us,in that , while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Roman 5:8)

What shall we say then?shall we continue in sin,that grace may abound?

God forbid.How shall we,that are dead to sin,live any longer there in?(Roman 6:1-2)

But at a time we all have to check our self both within and without to know whether we are completely free from this sins and the way out as it’s must for us now to dealt with such sin before it’s send us to untimely death.

Not only hindering our prayers but it’s can kill us and send us to untimely grave and ended up later of our life in eternal hell

Therefore let me start cross-examine those sins of Proverbs 6:16-19 and Galatians 5:19-21 is not left and cannot be absconding.

(1)Pride(Haughty Eyes)=An inflated, Unrealistic sense of your self worth.

As we embark 2020 journey, it’s must for us to kill it before it’s kill us and do we going about it’s by humbly living in HUMILITY

(2)Envy(A Lying Tongue)=The feeling that you deserve the possessions, success,virtues or talents of another person.

2020 is better still newly baby and we need to tackle it now before it’s too late to correct it,only when we are still breathing that we can find mean of corrections our wrong and what can helps us out is to replace it with GRATITUDE.

(3)Gluttony(Hands that shed innocent blood)=An excessive desires for the pleasure of eating and drinking.

We all understand the concept level of the poverty,the life styles of the people living poorly can became the victim of Gluttony,why?, when they have opportunity to be at a party where serve your self is the order, sincerely yours they will eating and drinking extremely,why?,they considering that they might not have an opportunity to experience this again.

What can we says about that richly blessed and still becoming the victim, therefore we must all together work again this deadly poison before it send us to eternal home that we didn’t hope for now and to correct this is by imbibe the habits of CHARITIES.

(4)Lust(A heart that plots evil)=A selfish focus on sex or a desire to have sexual pleasure with someone other than your spouse.

This came into being through our thought and every thought that contrarily to spiritual goals we surely ended up destroy our soul,can someone put live coal upon his chest and burn not?.

Therefore we must overcome this by properly maintain our TEMPERANCE

(5)Anger(Feet that are quick to rush to do wrong)=An excessive,improper desire to exact revenge.

Part of the most dangerous habits is anger, don’t forget, Moses could have be the leader that will lead Israelites in to the canna land but it’s unfortunate he missed it.

All of opportunity can be miss under the anger operations and opportunity that slip from our fingers might not be recover in our life time including eternity in heaven

Your Life, Families,Work, Colleague,e.t.c are very important to you 2020 success and to have smooth sailing you must overcome anger by CHASTITY.

(6)Greed(A false witness)=A strong desire for possessions, especially for possessions belonging to another.

This is another sin we need to be watchful of,of course it’s called egocentric and to conquest it is to be PATIENCE in God that our will surely comes.

(7) Sloth (A man who stir up dissension among brother’s)=Lack of effort in the face of necessary task, causing it go undone or done badly.

What we witness today is something bad infact strongly wrong and Bible didn’t even support it instead warm that such should not eat

If Bible encourage work, asking us to commit the such work to the God’s hands for divine blessing,then we need to look for ones through our DILIGENCE.

All above mention is not all but I believe if we carefully observe and examine it very well, follow it practicing it every day,make it our watchdogs for the 2020 although, surely our life will not remain the same.

God bless your



















Salvation As A Prerequisite To Being A Member Of The Kingdom (1)John 3:1-3(28/11/2019)

Nicodemus is an example of a man that already part of what God is doing but who is not yet a part of the kingdom,He was a Jewish religious leaders in the temple.Jesus said to him,…. unless one is born again……’ and Mark 16:16 says,”He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved but he that believeth not shall be dammed”.

Thus being saved must be preceded by you believing in Jesus and being born again to a member of the church.If a man or woman is not born again,no matter how religious he/she may be,he/she is not part of the kingdom.if anyone has not believed in Jesus and accepted Him as his saviour,he cannot be born again.

A person who is not born again cannot be part of the church/kingdom.this is the basic things that we need to understand.

Therefore,there is a difference between attending church and being a member of the church.the goodies of the kingdom are for members only.A person that is not Born again but comes to church needs to make the decision to become saved in order to qualify for these blessings.

The basic mark of a genuine church is the agreement that Jesus is our Saviour.if anyone agrees with, accepts and submits to that,such will be a part of the kingdom.any congregation or individuals that believes against this is not functioning as part of the kingdom, and such cannot fulfill God purpose effectively.

Personality Of Living

Most people8-) believe that they know themselves better than anyone;> else know them,However a complete pictures of what a persons is like require both the persons own perspective and the perspective of others who knows him/her well
People’s perception of their own personality,while largely accurate contain important Omission
Some of these blinds spots are likeky due to a simple lack of information,whereas others are due to motivated distotions in our self perceptions,perhap for these reasons others can perceive some aspects of personality better than the self can.
This especially true for traits that are very desirable or undesirable,when motivational factors are most likely to distort self perceptions
Therefore much can be learned about a persons personalities from how he/she is seen by other


Yesterday,we learnt about church that are actually empires and clubs.

Today we will continue with the other two kinds of Churches:

(3)A CULT:This arises when the devil or his agent’s start a church to deceive people.

Since the devil can counterfeit power; these cults always have a semblance of supernatural power.unexplainable cycles of evil happen in these cults and it takes a discerning heart to be free from their lure.

They often have unbiblical practice among them and some people notice a sharp downward trend after joining these Churches.

(4)A GOD-ORDAINED CHURCH:God starts a GOD-ORDAINED church with three incontrovertible elements.

The first elements is God Himself-He has a purpose to achieve and that is the origin of a genuine church. Secondly,God call a man to lead that church.

Many times,God calls the man away from his agenda and give him covenants that discribe the commitment of God in his assembly.

Thirdly God calls people’s to become members of that church to team up with the pastor to achieve His original purpose.

This is the kind of church Jesus referred to in Matthew 16:18-19.while all the four may look alike,it is the church founded in the spirit of Christ and would lead the people’s to God into purpose and plan for them that God approves of.

Believer’s need to distinguish between churches to avoid being trapped in the wrong one.

God Bless You All


These kinds of Churches are becoming more sophisticated by the day but strange things are placed in their foundation and these bring negative spiritual flows into the lives of people who worship there.

Four kinds of Churches (1) (Matthew 16:18-19)

This month,we will focus on church, Church membership and truths that will help you get the best that Christ died so to offer the body of Christ..God told me that the fulfilment of a believer’s destiny starts only when he or she becomes a part of the Body of Christ through the local church.

There are four ways through which a church can evolve,only one is right.

(1) AN EMPIRE:This is the first kind of a wrong church which emerges from the decision of a one man to start a church God hasn’t sent him to start.

This could be as a result of personal ambition or identifying a need, Maturity may help identify a need,but it’s God’s calling upon a man that equips him or her to meet that need.

This may also manifest when someone with great natural abilities assumes he is better than the man called of God.

When a man starts this kind of church, it’s an empire and it will be a fraud that lacks the backing and authentic power of God.

(2)A CLUB: This is a church founded by a group of people that decide to do something for God

This results in a tower of Babel.when people decide to have a church for God without the Lord’s authorization,what they would have is a club.

It could have the semblance and appearance of church,it could have a collegiate spirit but will lack a father’s voice and it will not be a church supported by God.

To Be Continue………………

Happy New Month Of September.

This is my story

This is my songs

Praising my savior

All the day long.

It looks so brief face

Every morning and every night

They put on the face

With full laughs

Remode themselves with laughter

But sitting by the end of the sit

Cause you want some more

Show is over and he goes home

He take off his masks

Still leaving the presence of peoples

Is unbelievable

We are wear the mask on

The world is the stage now

Go on tell me

What it’s your story

Come on don’t be shy,

Tell me your stories.

Behind the mask of the clan

Lying trail on tear.

By The Lucky Dubey

Let me tell you how do we feel,

We feel highly

Do you feel as we do.

No man can hidden his feeling

For they are born of men,for they always try

Keep your hands high


some much trouble in the world

Always I see the Jah hands

Jah hands flows upon me……

Am already leaving Babylon and am heading to the Zion