There is nothing that has the begining that can denie of the end oh no not even on the sphere,there is season for every thing and end to every season whether of good or bad.the day of bare and death day can’t be ignore by whatsover way,’you have appealed to ceasaer and unto ceasaer thou shall go’,thou a created from the dust,to dust thou shall return this answer a part of which dust take in human activities.except adam and eve that was make from dust,none of us was made from dust bu we come there a living body.WE CAN TO THE WORLD ONE DAY WITH A MONITORING OTHER OF ABOVE IN THE REALM AUTHORITY AND WE WILL BACK NOT BY ORDER EXCEPT OF ABOVE REALM AUTHORITY.HAPPY ENTERING AND EXIT DAY MR MORGAN A.O.B,GO SO SOON


Honesty is the best policy but as a reasonable human being,you can perceive that a symbol of lying.when hear say that the truth is bitter also there is flag what could we do since either bitter or sweet is the byproduct of lier,life itself is full of manipulation,even on every side and our ways of the case is before plaintif and judge,if to ask who is plaintif and judge?.the idea of defensive and order in the two representative form is quite and just a formative the real sense of the world presently make it ddifficult to either present the true facts and create easy platform to fascinal a is the most incredible setting stage that make eithe lost at jungle of lier and make it rough and crooked wheel of the truh.a lady got married to a man met in their vicinity,but by the virtue of integrity the man is not qualify to be hanged to to this lady neck,a report gather from the comunity is by the evening of the ceremony,the wedding can’t last said a mvslim alihaja,a foodstuf sale and woman who own the mini mart shop share that,the guy former engage in illicit relation with at least three people within the vicinity,one out of three happen to be a single mother,the spiritual fact is indicate that this lady was sunk into an hole,and nearby person was unable to draw her out and looking outer sketer for help but none responding.the person share with her his conceal opium but since then the lady hate this person for telling her of the truth he conceived


(A)Clear seeing is known as clairvoyance.(B)Clear hearing is known as clairaudience.(C)Clear smelling is known as clairalience.(D)Clear testing is know as clairgustance.(E)Clear feeling is know as clairsentences also has a strong tie to empathic ability.(clair-feeling,clairaliences-hearings,clairaudience-knowings,claircognizance-psychic sense,clairsentence-sight,clairvoyance-smell)credit by soul sciences


What does your birth day mean to you? Okay today is my birth day & for some years back,it doesnt meant anything to me as far am concern,since nothing mean of worthwhile,last year i decided that only on the issue of consumption and religon program that will throw me out of my exile to view what is going on the street,town.i wish my self happy birth day in my exile.