The End And The Beginning(2009:07:30-2018:01:28)

In the year 2009,a guy start an adventure to unknown destination where unknown peoples, unknown place, town,state and an area on the notion of the power of above by the word is a force behind the scene.

No one has capacity to judge God but we only drink of unlimited oceans of his mercy,in other word,the guy embark on a voyages by almighty order and backing by the high profile person

Guy embark on this journey by written note called map and the journey was successful on by the evening period with a single bag and baco sack.

The promise that encompass the order is classified into the three categories, As an assistant to current curate,secondly Academy furthering, Job assure, with monthly stipend.

As the journey began not up to six month,every packages suspended and promise failed.

What a pity no where to go,to survive is problems for this guy it was most difficult, to be cont



I glasp this propaganda online about the purpose why we are all chose to be born and from the writer state five things anchor the purpose

(1)Firstly, we choose to come to earth to have experiences and feel life through our five senses

(2)Secondly, we choose to come here to develop and grow

(3)Thirdly, we come to develop spiritual awareness

(4)Fourth,we come here is to be of service to others

(5)Fifth,we come to earth is to experience pure joy

Now by the above five propaganda, do you think the writer’s aim is justify? To me I single handedly rule it out as a matter of fact I find it unnecessary  to follow the suits of tap from inspirational speaker’s coins but I believe in God.

It’s an optical illusion that works just as you get when you are on fast train that overtaking a slower one,it will seem though the window,as if that slow train is reversing

What it’s your personal views?


It can be sweet,sour,bitter and spicy while you struggle with life living is an ongoing arguement with many complex appearances and cunnig soul
so called living just a battle of slaughtering who ask for living in affluence earning just enough to survive is not bad
Today you have power but tomorrow you may be at the bottom
Hopeless? No alternative? So what but having an empty stomach is realy problem wouldnt be nice to have a small piece of rice cake?
It all dry my tonque is so dry hard living keep tramphing on us,tremble im not younganymore
like wretch cinders,sitting sun either human or monster have trouble,even lovers cant survive without food,play any extra roles just to get by but nothing can be done right if you can give me a streamed pork dumping,i will do any thing for you,to live is not easy at all sweet,sour,bitter spicy,grievance and struggle too complicated in human world,its also not easy in the monster world,both humans and monsters have a lot to worry about why thinks too much?why not be happy lets laugh and cry together and give each other a hud