14 WAYS TO ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE.(1).Practice,(2).Ask,(3).Desire.(4),Get it from yourself,(5).Walk around it,(6).Experiment,(7).Teach,(8)Read.(9)Write,(10)Listen,11.Observe,(12)Put in order,(13)Define,(14).Reason .by Maria Popova.Empathy Erosion:occurs when people fail to attend to the humanity-the feelings,interests,and kindship of others either they dont cognitively understand others feelingr or they ardn’t emotionally affected by them.if your peoples,family,friends,co-workers doesnt empathize with you or other people’s,trying to maintain a relationship with him or her will be a losing battle.A HARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY: is define as difficultly suspending this single-minded focus of attention,such people see the world only in how it relates to their needs and desire,they have has little room to consider the interests of those around them.There is always enough for the needy but never enough for the greedy=mahatma Gandhi.it is humbly to realize that the right to stay in power by the greedy lies solely in the hands of the needy,here the greedy has also become the needy.Whatever you collected from the greedy will make you a slave to them

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