ThE NeW BegininG

In everythings in life,there must be whether begin again as a result of failure,or for the past success,failure does not appears at every start likewise success does not show up a start,same zeal that back failure also ignite succes but it was the end result that clearifying what the role the zeal play in the two both,a rhetorically,everything that has the begining must surely has end,but not how far the begin but along the race is determine by how well,mean a visibility opium.Every january is the begining of a year,every first day is the begining of a month,every monday is the begining of the week,every morning mark the begining of the day,likewise every night mark the end of the day,every sunday mark the end of the week,every 28,30,31 mark the end of the month,every 31 of December mark the end of every year,365,366 gone away or for ever never ever coming back again but what happen next,new year,new begining,it was begin again that work and re-enforce the counting of the begining.on the first of new year opens door for the january month while 31 bid farewell ,first day(on the 1st) open doors for february month and was close by 28 to bid farewell,all this runs through out that make a year,counting year does not beginin in the middle,though as human being,individual year start from the natal day and year,mean to count your own age has to be done throu the days number,month of the year,that was personal,for example, i was bare of the january month,my counting or celeb natal day is of january irrespect it was a new year month that mark the begining,it also apply to other bare under another what do we have to do with the begining?Genesis 1:1-3,John 1:1-5,GOD SPAKE.speak with God for divine map that will be serve to direct you to do whatever that you embark up and by the end before mark the begining,a journey without direction will end up to no where,you can just pick your car key,drive out withou even know the destination you are heading to.stay connect!


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