The End And The Beginning(2009:07:30-2018:01:28)

In the year 2009,a guy start an adventure to unknown destination where unknown peoples, unknown place, town,state and an area on the notion of the power of above by the word is a force behind the scene.

No one has capacity to judge God but we only drink of unlimited oceans of his mercy,in other word,the guy embark on a voyages by almighty order and backing by the high profile person

Guy embark on this journey by written note called map and the journey was successful on by the evening period with a single bag and baco sack.

The promise that encompass the order is classified into the three categories, As an assistant to current curate,secondly Academy furthering, Job assure, with monthly stipend.

As the journey began not up to six month,every packages suspended and promise failed.

What a pity no where to go,to survive is problems for this guy it was most difficult, to be cont


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