According to the work ethic,many of the staff enforcement will be deploy to a key point area market mainly in osogbo and environs,specific area like ayegbaju,igbona,orisuobare,akindeko market.but akindeko market will have full deploymement in other to maintain sterotypes of every walk way to be keep from market saler and prevent them from entertain their good on the walk as the order is out to packeds everything display by the the form for to day is redeployement of enforecement staff from their various location to another one,patrol and policing will commend their full operative,the cordinator will be in full force,new paste of redeployement will be post this morning,sanitary among the staff will be fully enforce as the reporting from the marketing woman alleg and accused some staff of extorting from the,even taking credit good.while some investigation carry out by boss discovered many didnt stay in their duty position,he question papa jimoh,likewise some women staff of bribed scandalious.

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