The most worsted situate in marital issue experience and entangled by men presently in our generation in Christendom is orchestrated by the women
Therefore here is the trick,most especially in the of ‘Yes I Do’.many sisters have been drived by the crazy word been mentioned above,
know let imaging Muslims believe on the marriage context,the basic rules for the marriage code of conduct is under what I tagged ‘MANY’ which means you are allow to marry as many as possible provided you can cater for them,note so far you can cater for them,
Does that sound good?,opinion poll.
So many of their women already have it in their mind’s that all the prospect of the union is many but in the Christians world o f views is quite different which the belonged sisters and women have immersed in the context of one wife and they begin to crazy by it which is presently hold many of them ransom to becoming single mother’s, I don’t need to be told but is what really happened
In present world if today I will not to be confuse of the percentage errors singles mothers and women is Christian, i care not many may aimed towards me but whether you take it or leave
Many Christian singles mothers and sister’s today’s were become and seriously affected by the code of conduct
It was years ago that I come to my senses that I refuses to be rule as men by the word ‘Yes I Do’ but I was come up with ‘May God Help’ Instead ‘Yes I Do’
I thinks above mention is far better for me to profess at the alter that will me opportunity to carry out whatever i want to do if those called Christian sister’s became an agent of ant peace
The issue cut across both pastors and members is not escape majorly they are the one do the joints men and woman’s

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