Everythings that has begining must had an end likewise to before warn,is to before arm.In the life’s game,some we loose while other’s win and it has be never go well with the loser,only winning roast a chickin,all above tips fulfil the akindeko market action.Who we bow for other? Because one must be bow for other’s if peace peace have to reign as king.An uproars exhume at alekunwodo/akindeko market centre of 23 of 0ctober during the environmental sanitation conducted by the o’clean marshal and the operation is name akindeko market people must vacate their present premises as the directive by the state government.As the order is not going well with them,they react in nagative ways,insulted the government,harrased and defame the marshal when their saling tools where ceased and later consume by fire,as a result,law enforcement agency were called upon with mobile court which later end at the main court as a result of scape goat roam like a jungle lion,cultlass with knife were ceased.so the battle line is already draw withou doubt or controvesy,the question who will win?.courtesy omwa staff of enforcement office.MR.FATUNSI ABIODUN.O’CLEAN BOSS

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