From the many reports on any given day by ‘the voice of the martyrs’:@ An appeals court upheld the 11-year sentence given to a southeast Asian believer who pastors a church banned by the national goverment.@ Gunmen opened fire in a West African Church,located in a small village.six people where killed,several others were seriously injured and the building was set on fire. @ An East African convert to christianity was paraded and publicly flogged as a punishment for embracing a “foreign religion”.she received 40 lashes from a whip while being jeered by spectators.We find persecution of believers around the world today-violent in many places,but present in every country.while i cannot properly enter into the real sufferings of many,from the scriptures i can understand some of the reasons behind the oppression of christians.(WHERE THERE IS PERSECUTION BELIEVERS REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY BELIEVE AND WHY THEY BELIEVE IT!

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