Three of the processes that go on inside your body that have a major impact on your rate of aging are called. {A} “GLYCATION”.{B} “INFLAMATION”.{C} “OXIDATION”…,Food=WHEAT:this deals with “glycathon” in your body and substaines called ADVANCE GLYCATION END PRODUCTs{AGEs} effect on organic,your joints,wrinkled skin, also high blood sugar levels,diabetics2.Wheat contains a very unusual type of carbohydrate{not found in other foods} called AMYLOPECTIN-A which has been found in some tests to pike your blood sugar higher than even pure table sugar.Gluten {another problematic compound found in wheat that can cause “inflamation” in your digestive system.Bake wheat products contains carcinogenic chemicals called Acrylamides that from in the browned of breads,cereals,muffins e.t.c.these carcinogenic acrylamides haves been linked in studies to possible increased risks of cancer and accelarated aging. Food#2=Corn-based føods____corn syrup,corn cereal,corn chip,corn oil,{high-fructose} corn syrup{HFCS} i.e salad dressing and ketchup.Another major issue with corn-based foods and corn oils,is that these foods contribute excessive amounts of omega-6 ration and leads to inflamation and oxidation within your body. Food#3:Sugar ,sugary foods certains starchy foods,{taking non-caloric sweetener like stevia in your daily coffee,tea,inbakino}.Keep in mind that some starch