If find this arthicle while am exploring internet today history,’AFRICANER POLICE ADMIT TO KILLING STEPHEN BIKO’.as some that are so familar in listing to the raggae man song wyclif jean in the one of his album called Diallo,it was the name that completly caught mine attention,the story goes does.In south africa,four apartheid-era police officers appearing before the truth and reconciliation commission, admit to the 1977 killing of stephen biko,a leader of the south african black consciousness 1969,Biko a medical student founded an organization for south africa’s black student to combat the minority government’s racist apartheid policie and promote black 1972 he helpe organized the black people convention and in the following year was banned from politic by the afrikaner government,four year later in september 1977,he was arrested for subversion while in police custody in port elizabeth,Biko was brutally beaten and driven 700 mile away to pretoria where he was thrown into a cell.on september 12 1977,he died naked and shackled on the filthy floor of a police hospital.the news of the political killing was denied by the country white minority government led to international protest and a U.N imposed arms 1995,after the peaceful transferred of power to majority rule in south africa,the truth and reconciliation commission was establish to examine decades of apartheid policy and to aeress the widespread call for justice for those who abused their authority under the system,however as a condition of the transferred of power,the outgoing white minority government requested that the commission be obligated to grant amnesty to people making full confessions of politically motivate crime during apartheid.Nobel peace prize laureate Desmond Tutu was appointed to head the commission which was soon criticized by many south african’s for it’s apparent willingness to grant pardon.In the early 1997 four former police officer’s including police colonel Gideon Nieuwoudt appeared before the commission and admitted to killing stephen Biko two decade’s earlies or ago,the commission agreed to hear their request for political amnesty but in 1999 refused to grant amnesty because the men failed to established a political motive for the brutal killing other amnesty applications are still in progress.(enemies from the border line,who be next to fire,fourthyone time by diallo side)