What a pathetic,scaring,fearing,wrong notion,i know you will like to ask what i nean by the headline,”YE ARE OUR EPISTLE WRITTEN IN OUR HEART”(2 cor 3:2),okay as far as am concern,many has turn this to something else,people eve some christian didnt read bible why many that read it didnt ask holy spirit to divinely guide them and give the true meaning of what they read,how it would affect them for good if follow and if derail end result,a lot of people has misused social media,insult people without even aware that they are doing themself the worst ever evil man ever commit,now some from a popular social media post a write-up to insult minister of God,judging and condemn then of rake people’s comment goes thus in form of advice not to judge anybody,let God that called to do justice to whatever error they has committed,i sight the case of moses and Aaron,miriam in number 12:1-15,,likewise Revelation 22:11-12.Am very supprises what reply i got,’what is the realy problem of this dude’s’.mean many just post about what ever just happen in the area considering what they are doing either of good or evil.presently you can quickly read many mind of whatever they present to the public and expect people to applaud them,though am less concern worldly presentation once it has nothing to do with God’s kingdom issue,but once it is,am always got interest,now because of what happen around us does it give us authority to challenge and go beyond our are our epistle,several today christian an epistle of their formal time,they display an old man under canopy of new man,as a result people that saw the might condemn for what the perform,but the question we must ask ourselve is,having thou epistle written in our heart?,many professin to be christian but the life does dipict so,old nature still on cause,if to ask why? Answered is they are look unto a person i mean human being like pastor,church leader,spiritual brother and sister,the moment this people make a mistake,they begin to castigate series of word against them,the error of this is when you are looking unto man,woman,you apprently byepass God,instead of looking unto jesus the author and salvation of our soul,forget that man can make a mistake but God can not,reading person this can make you to commit unforgivable blunder no matter whom they better to read your bible and looking unto jesus.we will not be err once we already know the trust in jesus name be cont

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